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At the service of legal professionals

  • Lawyers
  • Bailiffs
  • Notaries
  • Legal representative
  • Accountants
Qui sommes-nous

Since day one, we have set ourselves three missions

  1. Improving the daily life of staff
  2. Improving Access to Client Consultations
  3. Building a team of entrepreneurs who share humanist values
We are always guided by these 3 missions and are at the service of clients and legal professionals.

We are a technology company

Our specific approach to innovation, based on the following 4 principles:

We create useful and secure solutions for Legal Professionals and Clients, and want to have a positive long-term impact.

We create services used by millions of people regardless of age, status or location.

We co-construct our services with Legal Professionals.

We believe that data privacy is essential, it is our top priority.